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SFS Pro offers a team of performance review professionals dedicated to your success. In addition to our SFS Pro performance review solution, we offer a variety of services that can help organizations decrease turnover, increase productivity and engage employees. 

Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Performance Review Support

While most organizations provide employees with performance reviews on a yearly basis, there is more and more data supporting the need for a feedback-rich culture to drive improvement and retain employees. 

We can support your organization and performance review program, along with creating custom plans to match your needs and goals. Here are some of the areas we support:

  • Understanding the evaluation model
  • Building performance review programs from scratch
  • Identifying key metrics for performance reviews
  • Identifying problem areas
  • Understanding evaluation needs for different departments
  • Developing professional growth plans
  • Understanding measurements for evaluation & performance tracking
  • Know how to identify disengaged employees
  • Perform workplace observations
  • Conferencing with managers
  • Utilizing a technology tool to complete performance reviews & manage the process


In business, mentoring is a complex and multi-dimensional process of guiding, teaching, influencing and supporting a beginning, new, or struggling employee. It is generally accepted that a mentor leads, guides and advises employees in a work situation characterized by mutual trust and belief.

Our mentors will facilitate and assist employee development. The process includes modeling the messages and suggestions being taught to the employee. 


The performance review process stresses that professional learning is the most significant phase of the evaluation cycle. Evaluation results can be used to identify individual strengths and needs, target professional learning aspects, and gauge employee growth.

It is essential to differentiate the opportunities for all employees to enhance their professional skills. Coaching employees, with highly effective instructional professionals, enhances their skills in order to better serve your business. 

Team Building

Individuals, making up a team, are unique, learn differently, are motivated differently, and possess their own attributes. In order to inspire individuals to work interdependently, the uniqueness possessed by each person must be recognized and used. The team building process includes a wide range of activities for improving team performance, ranging from self-development activities to group dynamic games. The process includes styles inventories, positive communication exercises, performance assessments, & organizational development activities. 

We can help you build your team and so they can succeed as a team. 

Growth Plans 

Since no two people are identical in their interests, skills, or knowledge, no single plan for professional growth will work for everyone. It is important to design an individual professional growth plan as a living document. This plan will serve as a road map to help guide, track, and review professional progress. Taking a thoughtful approach to professional growth provides benefits not only to the employee, but also to the company’s bottom line. 

Let us help you write professional growth plans for your employees that will be tailored to their needs and goals. 


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