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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Employee Evaluations Program

In this article, we provide insight into what’s wrong with the current employee evaluation process and 7 tips for how to fix it in your organization.

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The History of Performance Reviews and the Future of Employee Evaluations

In this article, we talk about the history of performance reviews and how they’ve changed over time. We also talk about the future of employee evaluation.

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Download the SFS Pro Information Packet

Download the SFS Pro Information Packet Want to learn how SFS Pro can help drive improvement and efficiency in your organization? Download the SFS Pro Information Packet to learn: What services we offer How we can help your organization, and How it will benefit your business.  

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The Real Cost of Employee Turnover [Infographic]

In any business, employee turnover can be a real problem. Not only does it affect the productivity and continuity of the organization, but it can also reflect badly on the organization as a whole if the turnover rate is too high. Employee turnover has a variety of associated costs, including interviewing, hiring, training, reduced productivity, lost opportunity costs and more. In this infographic, we’ve provided a quick look at what employee turnover could really be costing your business and why you need to pay attention.

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