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Effective Performance Reviews

SFS Pro changes the game with a real-time, data-driven performance review solution that is tailored for your organization’s needs. Our solution helps you evaluate employees more effectively, providing them with the feedback they’re looking for and giving you insight into their performance in real time. Our solution can help a variety of verticals, including but not limited to:


Law Firms

When building or maintaining a practice, the right people can make a world of difference. SFS can help you effectively evaluate your law clerks, interns, and support staff, providing them with the opportunity to improve. The best part? You have the chance to build and retain great employees.


Healthcare Providers

Doctors’ offices, hospitals, and pharmacies all have one thing in common: they need dedicated and competent employees to ensure effectiveness. Our solution can help you build professional growth plans and provide timely feedback that will support growth, effectiveness, and improvement within your organization.


Financial Services

Managing money is a job that requires attention to detail, responsibility, and business acumen, and there are a variety of roles that support successful money management. Effectively evaluating your employees, advisors, and associates to ensure compliance and responsibility is critical. We provide you with the tool to do this.



The hospitality industry is dependent on learning and improvement. What better way to provide this than with continuous feedback? Our employee evaluation solution helps you provide feedback to all of your staff on a regular basis, all while giving you real-time insight into the areas that need improvement. 



As this field continues to grow, so does the amount of people employed to support it. SFS can help you design an employee evaluation program that will ensure effective training and development, allowing you to focus on fostering innovation and continual progress on new projects and experiments.



Originally made for educators by educators, SFS has helped hundreds of schools streamline their employee evaluation process. By offering a quality product and exceptional customer service, SFS has maintained an excellent client retention rate.


Performance reviews made easy

Streamline your performance reviews so you can see business results.

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